James Clow
James Clow


Affinity was an installation I developed in collaboration with Sommer Shearer, Greg Hardie and Travis Powell. The project debuted on May 29th, 2015 at the Shwayder Art Museum. Our goal for this particular project was to explore the relationship between the masses and their idols. From the beginning it was important to all of us that we push the technological boundaries of art and create something that has never been seen before. To create a truly immersive experience we developed a method to achieve five point spherical projection mapping, utilized 12 separate channels of audio and implemented advanced LED illumination techniques.

Role: Visual Director, Videographer, Projectionist

Color My Audio

Color My Audio is a stand alone windows application that analyzes audio to produce an array of colors. The application selects the hue of the array based on the tempo of the song. Then the luminance and saturation of each color in the array are calculated based on the average wave amplitude and the dominant frequency in each segment of the song. As you can see the final results are quite astonishing, each song containing a vibrant and beautiful range of colors.

Hue: Tempo
Luminance: Amplitude
Saturation: Frequency


Link is a social media app that helps connect rock climbers. Although many describe rock climbing as an individual sport, it often requires a trustworthy partner who can belay, spot and provide support. As rock climbing continues to grow in popularity, there are a growing number of people in search of a partner. Link aims to address this problem by matching climbers based on their hometown, climbing ability, preferences and crag ethics. However, Link is more than a dating website for climbers. It also provides a platform to help groups of climbers meet up and stay connected, strengthening the climbing community.

Coming late 2016!

For technical details check out this project on GitHub

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